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Imagine Learning How To Flip Land For HUGE Profits starting with very little Money!
I’m Going To Show You All The Proven Tips, Tricks and Secrets To Land Flipping Success!

STOP Dreaming About Financial Freedom…Let’s Make It Your Reality!

“I was very pleased with the Land Flip Training program. The best part was that the cost is extremely reasonable & the videos were available no matter where I was. I completed part of them at home, some at the office, and some while traveling. I thought the length of the segments was perfect. I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues.” Yonas T.

Having the right knowledge and skills of knowing WHAT to look for in buying land
wholesale and then knowing HOW to flip it for maximum profits is essential!

Many “newbie” land flippers go into this business blindly and pay a hefty price for it. They may read
a few things about buying and flipping land, but they don’t ever fully understand the whole
process…from A to Z.
That is where a mentor like myself can help you. I’ve “walked the walk” so to speak, and I have
created a business plan for flipping land that I’ve used time and time again to make big profits.

Don’t Try To Reinvent The Wheel…Stick With What WORKS!

Would you rather venture into land flipping all alone and try to make it work or would you rather stick with a proven business model for land flipping that has worked successfully?.
Why try and reinvent the wheel when it’s not broken?.

“Bob’s coaching is the real deal – no gimmicks or prepackaged plans, but authentic, relevant coaching and consulting that fits you and your business. I researched other programs and felt that a lot of the programs were heavy on motivational content, but short on providing actual plans that could be put into actual practice.” Mark N.

Now you’ll have the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with me, with personal coaching
and mentoring to show you EVERYTHING you need to know on how to successfully buy
wholesale land and flip it for crazy profits.

And here’s even BETTER news for you…

I’ll show you how to master the entire land flipping process for maximum profits… …
WITHOUT having to have a lot of cash! …
WITHOUT having any credit to get started! …
WITHOUT the need for any bank assistance!

This may sound crazy or unrealistic but I’m using this EXACT BUSINESS MODEL to continually flip
land with great success and now I want to reveal this exact model to you!

“One of the very best things I have done was to purchase access to Land Flip Training LLC’s videos & sign up for coaching. I bought a property within a month and sold that same property within one week doubling my investment. I could not have accomplished this without Bob’s guidance. He is a delight to work with & his program has literally helped to change my life.” Dan H.

“Don’t Worry, There’s No Need To ‘Break The Bank’ To Get Started…”
Normally personal coaching and 1-on-1 mentoring like this can cost someone thousands of dollars just to get their feet wet. However, I don’t need to charge and arm and a leg by taking people’s money…simply put because I don’t need it. I’m an investor doing deals almost every day so coaching and mentoring is only a small fraction of what I do.
I’m not a typical land flipping “guru” who is just out to make a quick buck off of newbie land flippers. I actually want to see you SUCCEED and do so without having to spend a fortune to get started.

My unique approach to coaching and mentoring you in the land flipping business
has the real power to truly change and transform your own financial life.

That’s why I’m now offering 3 options below for your financial success without breaking the bank.
Here’s How You Can Get Started Today!


I narrate & make comments about my experiences.
I show step-by-step how to use to create your mailing list, how to scrape (prepare) mailing list, how to price offers and how to complete mail merge.
I show examples of good vs. bad advertisements.

About Me

In 2004, I read several real estate investing books and decided I wanted to become an investor of residential rental homes. The websites of today such as, Zillow, etc. didn’t exist back then so I came up with the idea of obtaining a real estate license for easy access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Plus, I earned commission for each one of my purchases.

I became a Realtor in 2005 when the market was extremely hot. My intent was never to be a “Realtor” per se. However, I soon became one of the top producing Realtors in my office while working a demanding full-time as a director in the field of logistics. Sadly, I purchased houses at the height of the market and didn’t make any money. Plus, I had the usual landlord headaches.

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